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ENA3-NSE device

    The ENA3-NSE consists of a pre-wired and pre-assembled ENA3 controller, a 24V power supply and battery backup (NSE). It guarantees an uninterrupted supply of power for the control unit ENA3 and the 24V trigger coil of the actuator (A3 brake element). This prevents an unintended action of the actuator caused by a power failure. [expand title=“Facts“ trigclass=“exp-but“ rel=“des-highlander“]
    • 24V uninterruptible power supply for the ENA3 and the coil of the actuator (A3 brake element)
    • Actuator falls during a power failure until after about 5 seconds
    • Battery charger with low voltage protection and battery monitoring: Battery is charging and being monitored during normal operation
    • Emergency Rescue: By pressing the emergency button the battery is activated and supplies the ENA3 and the coil of the actuator 24V for 15min. During this time, the lift can be used for a rescue.
    Battery: 12V 1,2 AH Power Supply NSE: 110 – 230 V AC +/- 10% Plastic housing IP65 incl. RESET button Dimensions: 275mm x 225mm x 120mm (LxWxH)