REA3 – UCM device

ENA3 system can be used for any type of lifts (geared rope lift, gearless rope lift, hydraulic lift, …) with A3 certificated (EC-type examination) stopping elements (brake actuators) like: over-speed governer with safety gear, gearless rope brakes, traction sheave brakes, rope brakes, hydraulic safety valves, etc. Besides this system is completely  independent from the type of lift control and can also be used for upgrading and modernisation of existing lifts.
  • Triggering the A3 brake element in the A3 fault
  • Self-test of the complete device after every ride
  • Monitoring of existing safety circuit device
  • Monitoring of the magnetic switches (Door Zone)
  • For safety circuit voltage 24V – 230V AC / DC
  • DIN rail mounting in control box
  • 24VDC supply connection and involvement in safety circuit (2 taps)
  • Installation and connection of the redundant solenoid switch using the supplied mounting kit (door zone monitoring)
  • Attach two tapes per stop for the door zone
  • Electrical connection of the respective brake actuator on our device (1 wire)

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