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About us

The company Variotech Produktions- und Handelsgmbh is a modern  Austrian company with the aim to develop innovative electronics for lifts and sell high quality lift parts.

The company VARIOTECH GmbH was founded in 1999 by Mr. Ing Martin Spitzer , together with his eldest son, George Spitzer . The main focus was then as now on the development of user-friendly lift electronics.

2001, the elevator control BOB was presented . BOB is microprocessor controlled and has been developed with particular attention to ease of use during commissioning. It is very often used as a control for retrofitting old lifts .

Also in 2001 the company presented its load measuring systems Pluto, Lupo and Leo . These convince through an innovative measurement system and various measuring options.

In 2008, the younger son Ing Florian Spitzer joined the family business. Since then the company has grown steadily , so that in 2010 a new building was erected. The new headquarters is now Gaenserndorf.

At the Interlift 2013 VARIOTECH presented his new specialities ENA3 , an A3 safety control with optional emergency unit NSE , and the ANTS ENCODER , a new absolute position system that is easy to put into operation.

Today VARIOTECH employs nearly 20 employees and offers a wide range of electronic and mechanical elevator parts. The focus is on the development of innovative electronics for lifts . In developing the products, the company places great emphasis on ease of use during the installation , commissioning and maintenance.

Our motto: … keep it simple


Gewerbeweg 5, 2230 Gaenserndorf , AUSTRIA

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