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Load weighing​

Our Load systems...​

LEO weighing

Die kostengünstige Lastmesseinrichtung LEO dient zur Kontrolle ..
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LUPO weighing

The LUPO load measuring device with external sensor is used for..
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PLUTO weighing

The PLUTO load measuring device is used to control the ..
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Sensor plates

Sensor plate with rubber buffer

The sensor plate is mounted centrally below the car between a cross member and the car floor.

The load distribution in the car affects the measurement accuracy. Since the sensor is mounted centrally under the car floor, loads located in the middle of the car have a greater influence on the load measurement than loads located on the sides or in the corners. When using up to 4 sensors, the influence of the load distribution is minimized.

For measuring the overload, it is assumed that the load is evenly distributed in the car in the event of an overload.

Sensor plate Pluto external

The sensor plate PLUTO-extern is mounted on a crossbeam of the safety frame. The sensor measures the load-dependent bending (change in length) of this cross member.

The high-performance sensor detects the smallest changes in the load acting on the wearer.

Our Sensors...​

stainless steel

The load measuring device with a ...
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Carring rope

The load measuring device with a ...
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The aluminum sensor plate is placed...
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Sensor plate with rubber buffer... Sensor plate Pluto-extern...
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