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REA3 – UCM device

    The REA3 UCM device monitors a defined door zone and the safety circuit in the area of the doors. If the doors are open (safety circuit open) and the lift moves out of the door zone (UCM has), the REA3 will stop the lift by opening the safety circuit and triggering the brake actuator.

    Key facts:

    • Rali mounting in the control panel
    • Monitoring of the magnetic switches (Door zone)
    • Actuation of UCM brake actuator in case of UCM

    Order Codes

    • REA3-V2XX 
      REA3 Device without magnetic switch
    • REA3-V2MS
      RE3 Device with magnetic switches
    • REA3-BOX-120
      REA3 with industrial housing
    • REA3-NT-BOX
      REA3 with power supply unit
    • REA3-NTV-BOX
      REA3 with power supply unit prewired
    • REA3-USV-BOX
      REA3 with emergency power supply
    • MAG-BAND-020
      Magnetic tape for doorzone
      Mounting kit for tapes
    • MS-KIT
      Magnetic switches with mounting kit