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LIFTSAFE electronic lift attendant​

LIFTSAFE acts as a lift attendant and moniters the operation of the lift​

Our Liftsafes...​​

Liftsafe 1

The Lift Attendant Module Liftsafe 1 is an all-in-one...
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Liftsafe 2

The Liftsafe 2 consists of 3 modules: the main module...
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The elevator attendant device is used for remote monitoring and operational control of elevators. The elevator attendant device sends messages to the emergency call device. The emergency telephone then communicates via the public telephone network or sends SMS messages about the operating status of the elevator to the service center.
In the event of safety-related errors, Liftsafe can switch off the elevator at the stop and report the cause. In addition, the Liftsafe reports defective cabin lighting and if the lift does not stop flush. For test purposes, test messages (by error simulation or technician present switch) can be triggered.

Liftsafe detects...​


Der Aufzug hält nicht bündig in der Haltestelle


Defektes Kabinenlicht


Unvollständige Kabinentüröffnung


sind geeignet für alle Aufzugsarten

Liftsafe shows following states :

  • Operating status of AWM
  • Safety circuit
  • Door and bolt contacts
  • Leveling position
  • Car light
  • Car door position