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Included in the delivery are..​

test specification


safety circuits


Declarations of Conformity


connection plans


During each relevant journey, the contactor monitoring checks whether the energy flow to the motor or valves drops at each operational stop. If one of the travel contactors does not drop out, the lift is prevented from starting again. (safety circuit interruption)

The safety relay from TYCO/Schrack, type SR4, is used for the safety circuit.

The contactor monitoring must be protected from water, conductive dust and condensation.
The contactor monitoring must be installed in a housing or in its own switch box that corresponds to at least IP23.
The main/auxiliary contactors must conform to EN81 standard.
Additional instructions for installation, operation, maintenance are not required.

supply voltage 60V - 230V AC/DC Supply voltage phase 1 and 2 230VAC terminals 4 and 5 Input for potential-free auxiliary contacts rated insulation voltage 5000VAC operating temperatur -20 to +50 degrees Celsius​ In the event of safety-related errors, Liftsafe can switch off the elevator at the stop and report the cause. In addition, the Liftsafe reports defective cabin lighting and if the lift does not stop flush. For test purposes, test messages (by error simulation or technician present switch) can be triggered.

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