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Liftsafe Lift Attendant

    LIFTSAFE is designed for remote monitoring of the lift operation. In connection with an emergency telephone it communicates via the public telephone network or sends short messages (SMS) of the operating condition to the service center.

    Liftsafe can take the lift in the station out of service if safety-related errors occur and sends a message with the cause. Furthermore Liftsafe reports a broken car light, and if the car is not flush within the doorzone. For test purposes, test messages are can be sent.

    Detected irregularities from normal operating condition are stored in the emergency center with date, time and description. All drives are counted and displayed. An LCD shows the engineer on site all relevant information about the lift. The status of all important modules are displayed with LEDs. Also very useful is the built in test-emergency call which can be made without affecting the lift.

    • Is the car within the doorzone flush?
    • Is the safety circuit closed?
    • Are the landing door contacts bridged?
    • Are the car door contacts bridged?
    • Is the car door closed?
    • Is the car light on?

    Order Codes

    • AWMLS-DIGI-410
      for connecting to DIGIFON 410
      for connecting to LIFT EYE-P
      for connecting to FÄLTCOM
      for connecting to DIGIFONLIFTBOX
      for connecting to MEMCOM