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ZETADYN control


    The picture shows a BOB-Control with a 3BF frequency inverter from ZETADYN up to In:11A. Such controls are especially designed for modernisation of office-buildings and are used with closed-loop.


    The wires used for wiring our controls are different colored according to function of that wire. The color scheme stays the same through every lift control. The coding is as follows:BlackWiring of phase 220 ACBlueWiring of neutral wireGrayWiring of 24V DCVioletWiring of safety circuitWhiteWiring of breakGreenWiring of frequency inverterYellowWiring of door controlOrangeWiring of monitoring


    Our lift controls contain only high-quality WAGO spring-type terminals. Beyond that, clamps, which are labeled yellow can be used freely by the operators for e.g. telephone circuit. Those clamps, which are interlocked by FI/LS are labeled blue (e.g. car light, shaft light).

    Frequency inverter

    ZETADYN 3BF is especially developed for lifts. It controls both asynchronous machines and synchron motors. ZETADYN is programmed before-hand, but it is always adjustable on-site.


    • Open-Loop, Closed-Loop
    • Asynchron motors and synchron motors
    • In: 8.5A – 24A available
    • best german support