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SIRED – safety light curtain

    The new accident prevention safety light curtain SIRED is designed for lifts where retrofitting a car door is not possible! SIRED is according to the EN81 type tested and certified by TUV! It allows a much improved safety protection of the cabin access, compared to a conventional light curtain system from other manufacturers.

    Function description

    The accident prevention safety light curtain “SIRED” consists of an electronic control unit with integrated safety circuit and a single-beam monitored light curtain. In elevator cars with two entrances, an additional light curtain can be connected. The control unit monitors the function of the curtain before each drive. This means that each fault is detected and the lift is set out of operation by interrupting the safety circuit.

    Mainfunctions of SIRED

    The accident prevention protection safety light curtain SIRED can be used in lifts without a car door for to make the access to the car safer.


    The following requirements must be met:
    • Existing lift with car without doors
    • No room for retrofitting of a door
    • Speed up to 0,85m/s (D) and 0,65m/s (A, CH)

    Other possible applications

    • Distance monitoring: Distance between car and landing door > 120mm
    • Monitoring of the car roof or pit

    Additional functions of SIRED

    • The safety light curtain can be used with any lift control.
    • There are no direct interventions in the control necessary.
    • There are no additional shaft switches (magnetic switch, etc.) required.
    • A special reset button in the car can be connected.
    • The functionally necessary “emergency storage” function is included in the unit.
    • Prevention of step formation upon triggering of the light grid while driving.
    • A Beeper for error is built into the device.
    • Rectifiers (and fuses 2 A) are built in for connecting the bar magnet.

    Advantages of SIRED

    • Excellent price-performance ratio
    • Long life
    • Function even under extreme conditions
    • Quick and easy vibration-isolated installation of the strips
    • Simplifies the modernization