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CONMON – contactor monitoring


    Our CONMON contactor monitoring monitors the correct dropout at every relevant drive or rather at every stop during normal operation. If one of those contactors does not drop, then the safety circuit is interrupted and the lift can not drive on. As there are only few interventions to the existing lift control necessary, a risk-free integration can be managed within little time. Based on differences of the safety circuit voltage our CONMON can be connected to 60V – 230V AC/DC.

    Installation and Operating Condition

    Power Supply 60V – 230V AC/DCPower Supply Phase 1 and 2230VACClamp 4 und 5Input for potential-free auxiliary contacts.Isolation Voltage5000VACOperating Temperature-20 up to +50 degrees CelsiusWe use the safety relay from the company TYCO/Schrack, Typ SR4 for the safety circuit.

    • CONMON must be well protected against water, conductible dust and condensation.
    • CONMON must be with housing or in an extra control box which are at least IP23.
    • Auxiliary contacts have to be norm EN81.
    • Additional instructions for installation, operation or maintenance are not necessary.