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PLUTO – load weighing


    • 3-digits display
    • 3 floating outputs (relays) (Fullload, Overload, Minimumload)

    The load weighing unit PLUTO controls and shows the load of a lift car and it meets the requirements of EN81 ( and The unit has three floating relays for switching minimum load, full load and over load. PLUTO can be used for new and existing rope lifts, where the weight of the flat cable (compensation chain) can be disregarded. PLUTO is tested and applicable for direct rope (1:1) lifts and has a limited work capability for indirect (2:1) rope lifts. The installation and the setting-up operation of PLUTO are very simple and need only short time. No additional measuring tool is needed. The unit is state-of-the-art with improved and up-to-date electronic. The electronic and the load sensor of PLUTO are built in a metal housing (IP20). The unit has to be protected against humidity, dust and mechanical influences. The mounting area must be flat and clean and the connection cable must be mechanical fixed and protected.

    Applicable for direct (1:1) rope lifts.

    Not applicable for L-frames.