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BOB parallel lift control for modernisation​

Our BOBs...​

BOB Shaft-wiring

We provide connecting cables in every length...
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Our magnetic switches are durable magnetic sensors with the highest accuracy...
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BOB Lifts-control

The BOB-8 control board complies with the EU elevator directives and the ...
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Additional functions​

Lift control BOB already has the following additional functions integrated as standard: Motor tem- perature monitoring, battery charger with deep discharge protection, phase monitoring, contactor monitoring according to EN81, output for emergency light, output for flush display, on/off switch for door function, on/off switch for landing calls, direct call buttons for each stop, direct command but- tons for an inspection travel and much more.

The test package consists of:​​

a microprocessor- board


a Dotmatrix display with driving simulator


of an CARIF Interface


Our BOB control can be used for all types of lifts, such as frequency-controlled traction lifts, 2-speed traction lifts and hydraulic lifts. BOB is a parallel-controlled, uncomplicated and reliable lift control system that can be used for both new installations and modernisation. The simple and easy-to-un- derstand system considerably reduces installation time. All functions can be parameterised directly on the BOB controller without any additional tools.