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BOB GEARLESS-XS liftcontrol

    BOB GEARLESS-XS is our machine-room-less liftcontrol with some extra. EXTRA SMALL – only 22cm wide, only 15cm deep and 200cm high. EXTRA QUIET – because the frequency converter is mounted in the shaft, switch noises are not heard. Our BOB complete lift control GEARLESS is designed for lifts without machine room. The most important information can be easily found on the inside of the box. The manual is in our control of the designated storage inserted directly into the control box.

    Examination panel

    With our gearless examination panel an emergency evacuation can be done easily through the USV via the push button. Furthermore, all TÜV tests can be done easily by the panel.

    Driving contactor

    Extra quiet special contactors are used for machine room-less lifts. Thus, no loud tightening and falling off of the engine brake contactors or relays can be heard.

    Distribution box

    The already built-in wired distribution box must be connected only to the supply line.