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SAM – safety circuit bridge

    The safety circuit bridges the door switch on the car and landing doors if the circumstances according to EN81 standard occur. SAM needs two switches for proper function. These switches can be any proximity sensors such as magnetic switches, optical switches, capacitive or mechanical switches. These switches do not have to be safety switches, but they must be able to switch completely independently from each other. Our safety circuit SAM monitors the correct function of these two switches and with proper operation of these switches a safety switch according to the EN81 is simulated by the contacts of the 3 safety relays in the SAM safety circuit.

    This safety switch then can bridge the door contacts. The safety circuit is built with safety relays from TYCO / Schrack, type SR4.

    Supply voltage: The supply voltage of the safety circuit is 24VDC, +/- 10%

    Safety circuit: The safety circuit complies to EN81 14.12.3.

    The safety circuit has been tested by TÜV.

    Included in delivery:

    • Safety circuit SAM
    • EC declaration of conformity
    • Terminal connection diagram
    • Test procedure
    • Description