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BOB liftcontrol

    The lift control board BOB 8 meets the directives 95/16/EG of the EU and the EN81. It is possible to use or set it as push button control, down collective control (12 stops) or full collective control (8 stops). LEDs display the functions of all inputs and outputs of the control. Additional you can see the complete safety circuit on the front plate of the control board. The current operating functions like driving direction, car position and possible faults are displayed with two 2-digits displays.Integrated basic functions

    • Error monitoring
    • Parameter setting
    • Inspection drive
    • Reset drive
    • Parking floor
    • Re-leveling
    • Car light with adjustable timer
    • Floor-based arrival arrows
    • Control input for fullload, overload
    • Short distance stops
    • selective doors

    Additional integrated functions

    • Motor temperature control (using NTC sensor or switch)
    • Battery charger
    • Phase direction sequence control
    • Contactor monitoring according EN81
    • Output for emergency light
    • Output for an optical floor level indicator. (with LED)
    • On/Off switch for door function
    • On/Off switch for landing calls
    • Direct call buttons for every stop
    • Direct buttons for inspection drive