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EPOS – emergency power supply

    The EPOS12VBS emergency power supply is used to supply an emergency light in the cabin and an emergency telephone in the event of a power failure. EPOS12 VBS complies with all European requirements for emergency power supplies (EN-81).
    Built-in battery: 12V, 1.2Ah.
    An alarm siren is built into the device. This can be operated using a button in the panel.
    Depending on the version, the EPOS12V emergency power unit has also proven itself for applications such as:

    • Emergency evacuation for hydraulic lifts
    • Door opening in the event of a power failure,
    • Supply of emergency call systems
    • Output voltage 12VDC, 1Ah
    • deep discharge protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Charging Indicator
    • Operating display (electricity or battery)
    • gastight and leakproof battery
    • long lifetime
    • robust plastic housing IP54
    • attached alarm siren
    • suitable for emergency light with 12V / 6V lamp

    Dimensions: 170mm x 140mm x 90mm
    Power supply: 230V
    CE-certified: Complies with all European regulations for emergency power supplies!