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TSG-1 – door control unit

With our door control unit TSG-1 you can connect a car door with an existing lift control (relays control, etc.) Only minor changes to the existing lift control are necessary, hence the connection of the car door can be done without any risk and within little time. As we have integrated an emergency stop mode, unwanted opening of the car door between two stops is prevented (door closed stays activated). Car door opening is also prevented by inspection input on the device if inspection mode is activated. Due to the fact that different safety circuit voltages are possible TSG can be supplied by 24V to 230V AC/DC.


Power Supply
230V AC (+/-10%)
Rated Insulation Voltage
is 5000VAC
Operation Temperature
-20 to +50 Degree Celsius
Installation and Operation Conditions
Our door control unit TSG-1 is built in a plastic housing IP55 and is mounted next to the lift control.
Troubleshooting TSG-1
TSG-1 measures the voltage of the safety circuit by measurement of the voltage between safety circuit and neutral. If voltage is identified the optical coupler is activated, hence safety circuit is identified as closed.
Additional instructions for installation, operation or maintenance is not required.