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Input interface

    Our BOB Interface INPUT enhances BOB Control with further inputs. Every board can be programmed separately. Typical applications are eg additional calls, fire mode, extra… Read More »Input interface

    Voice interface

      Enhance your BOB Control with Voice Output. This interface is connected via internal BUS protocol. Necessary audio files are stored on a multimedia memory card.

      BOB shaft wiring

        We provide connecting cables in every lengthWe deliver Traction cables Landing calls Door contacts (+ Locking) Screened motorcable Emergency stop Limit switch Tableau wired

        ZETADYN control

          Description The picture shows a BOB-Control with a 3BF frequency inverter from ZETADYN up to In:11A. Such controls are especially designed for modernisation of office-buildings… Read More »ZETADYN control

          ALU Sensor

            The load sensor must be fixed central under the car between car frame and car floor. With the adjusting screw on the end of the load… Read More »ALU Sensor